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October-November 2010       Issue 12

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By Andrew Whitlow 

It was Monday, our last day of the dental clinic. We had just finished working in the small village of Puerto Nuevo, and were headed to our next location. Originally, we were supposed to go to three villages that day, but for the sake of time, we decided to only go to two. We were traveling in our small boat along a side channel of the main river. Julio was steering the boat at the time, and I was sitting in the front. All of a sudden we headed toward the side of the river where there were many tree branches and bushes growing up in the water. My first instinct was that we would turn out of it, but we didn’t. We headed straight into the tree branches and bushes. I didn’t have time to say anything, but even if I did, Julio wouldn’t understand it in English. I just ducked as low as possible. The engine was cut, but we continued our path deeper into the brush until we finally stopped. Now we were in a mess. Everyone started pushing and pulling tree branches, or whatever they could get their hands on to try and get us out. Finally we got out by Julio standing on the side of the boat, pushing a tree branch as he walked on the side of the boat until he reached the front. Julio said that the reason for him steering us off course, was because he got distracted. We all had a good laugh about our situation, and then continued along our way to the next village.
Our trip, traveling down the river, is a lot like life. We can be going along fine, then for some reason or another we take our eyes off of God, and we end up in a big mess. All it took was a few seconds of going off course for us to be stuck at the side of the river. So it is in our spiritual life, when we take our eyes off of God for just a few moments, what a mess we can end up in. Then we have to call upon God to get us out of the mess that we got ourselves into. Let us not get distracted by the things of this world, not even for a moment, lest we lose sight of God and our eternal home, Heaven!

Editor’s note: Andrew is a student at Southern Adventist College in Collegedale, Tennessee. He spent nine months in Peru as a student missionary. Beginning with this issue and in future ones, I hope to share some of Andrew’s experiences in the mission field which he has so aptly captured in words and photographs. I’m confident that you too will enjoy them. Thank you Andrew, and may our Lord richly bless you!
CHIP Corner
                    By Sally Hafner

Ursula Falle, wife of former NY Conference Treasurer had this dream of having a health booth at the NYS Fair. She applied for the booth and received approval for the theme, the program and the brochures. So thanks to Ursula, The Westvale SDA Church had a booth at The New York State Fair this year! Our theme was "Secrets of Longevity" which featured a program called Discover Your Health Age. This program takes the Alameda County Study of 7000 people and looks at the 7 factors that are associated with longevity. Those interested people who stopped at our booth, filled out individual surveys that looked at how they were doing with these 7 factors. The factors were: eating breakfast, not snacking between meals, getting exercise for 20 -30 minutes at least 3 times a week, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, not drinking alcohol, not smoking,  and being the proper body weight. After completing the survey, people could see what their health age was in relation to these factors. Many people were younger than their biological age, and some were older if they did not follow very many of these factors. We then counseled people and encouraged them to make a few changes in their lives to be able to increase their longevity. Many were encouraged and went away willing to try a few simple changes. God blessed. 950 surveys were completed; 7,380 magazines about health, and 475 Path to Peace (Steps to Christ) were given out. Many people left their names and addresses to get more information. The people came from all over the state and some from out of state, Canada, and as far away as Florida. We had doctors, nurses, lawyers, farmers and one exotic snake handler. All of them went away knowing that the Seventh-day Adventist Church cares about their health. There were many misconceptions corrected. God was glorified. Thank you to the 28 wonderful volunteers who helped at the booth. Each one gave, with the Holy Spirit's help, their best. 
October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

We want to thank Pastor Bill for being a Godly servant who always reminds us to walk close to Jesus and to tell others about His soon return.
God bless you, Jenniffer, Olivia, Madelyn and Christopher!
A Special Prayer For You
Jesus is your Good shepherd;
may He refresh you in green pastures often.
Jesus is your Faithful Friend;
may He walk beside you daily.
Jesus is your Blessed Saviour;
may He keep you secure in His hand.
Jesus is your Wonderful Counselor;
may He comfort you with encouragement.
 Jesus is your Loving Father;
may He shower you with love and grace.
Jesus is your Dependable Teacher;
 may He fill your heart with wisdom.
Jesus is your Victorious Commander;
may He reward your faithfulness.
      Author unknown
“He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them.”
Hebrews 6:10 NIV
The Prayer Room Corner
By Marion Lake
The mission of the prayer ministry is to pray, teach other to pray, to study the Scriptures together, to provide prayer and ministry opportunities, and to participate in the fulfillment of our church’s vision and mission as we are inspired by the Holy Spirit.                                                                  ~ Prayer Ministries, page 7
It has been a privilege for a group of us to pray for an hour before each meeting during the evangelistic series. God has blessed.
“Watch therefore and pray always that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man”                     Luke 21:36
Parkview Humming Along
The 2010-2011 school year is well under way at Parkview with 57 students enrolled. They are a fabulous group of young people who are growing in Jesus every day while they master the expected academics.
We encountered some stress when Mrs. Hayford announced that she would need to take an extended leave to care for her parents who were in a car accident. They are recovering and, at the time of this writing, Mrs. Hayford is expected to return before the end of September. In the meantime, Mrs. Netta Blakes from the Mount Carmel Church has filled in, serving admirably, and we have come to love her dearly. Mrs. Gloudeman has had to use her light-skill of flexibility more than anyone would choose, but she finally has housing. She is extremely grateful to the Garlocks who made her and her three boys welcome in their home. God has answered a prayer in the lives of the Gloudeman family enabling Mr. Gloudeman to move up here within the next week or so. What a relief that will be for the family.
God is blessing our school in many, many ways. He is performing miracles of all kinds. We are grateful to Him and to the members of the Westvale church who respond to His leading by offering financial support, volunteer help, and prayer. We believe Jesus will be back soon to get us. In the meantime, we are working with the Holy Spirit to help the students in our care be ready with us.
Submitted by Kim Kaiser
Garden of Delights
By Kathy Hall
Teaching children from nature can be a great joy. In children, there is always a curious nature of how things work.
 In providing for us, God has given us land for growing vegetable and flower gardens.
We know that it takes time to work a garden because we have to till the soil and plant, but only God can make things grow by providing sunshine and rain. Before something grows, a seed has to die, be planted, and it sprouts into new life. We watch as the garden grows into a special creation for our pleasure.
In the spiritual realm, God’s Word goes forth into the soils of our hearts. Some hearts are hard and need a lot more tilling; some of our soils are already fertile, so God sows his Word as sunshine to our hearts and it grows bearing fruit.
Jesus was the sower of seeds. He was The Word which He cast among the people of His day. He had to die and was placed in the tomb, and He rose on the third day to bring others to new life. We are the fruits of His labor of love. The seed was given and we bear fruit that grows.
Heaven for Jesus will be a garden of delights, for He has given us new life that produces fruit. One day we will be harvested from this earth to be with Jesus. We will be His garden of delights that He labored for. We are also like a seed. We need to die to self in order produce fruit allowing God to do the work as we abide in Him. As we abide in Christ we are one with Him, and in heaven we can give praise to Jesus our King and our God, our creator. We will praise Him for recreating our lives to bring forth the fruit that will last foreternity.
The garden of delights, rivers of praise we will see as we praise Jesus for all eternity!
Jesus Said
By Betty Ingersoll
Jesus said He would return to take His children home,
And only those who look for Him will not be left alone.
The eastern sky will light up---
And trumpets loud will sound,
And tears of joy or cries of fear
Will definitely abound.
We do not know the time He'll come,
So be ready every day
To meet our Blessed Savior
and go with Him to stay.
He's prepared a place of beauty
And joy beyond compare,
And we'll live with Him forever,
And His wondrous love we'll share--
So keep on trusting Jesus and you surely will be there.
Let’s remember our brother in Christ who is homebound and
celebrating his birthday on
November 18th:
        William TenEyck
         Iroquois Nursing Home
         4600 Southwood Heights Dr.
         Jamesville, NY 13078
What’s in your cheese?

Interesting reading: If you have access to a computer and can go online, in your search box enter the following: what’s in your cheese Sally Clinton. It’s an article that summarizes how cheese is made, and may change how you shop for cheese.
On page four of this issue I’ve included some excerpts, but the article itself is too long to include in its entirety.
Following are excerpts from the online article which originally appeared in The Vegetarian Journal -
      By Sally Clinton
“We've recently received a lot of requests from members who are interested in finding out which cheeses are vegetarian. Others have asked for information about dairy products in general. As a result, we've compiled the following information about cheese companies that do carry vegetarian cheese, and a brief explanation of some of the reasons many vegetarians choose not to consume cheese or other dairy products. Following is a very informative letter we received from the Consumer Service Department of Kraft General Foods, Inc., which clearly describes the role animal enzymes play in the production of cheese.
‘Thank you very much for asking if Kraft cheese products contain any animal derivatives. Our comments here apply only to products produced in the United States. Many cheese products produced in the United States do contain a coagulating enzyme derived from either beef or swine. The process of changing fluid milk into cheese consists of coagulating the
milk by one of two commonly used methods, each resulting in cheese having distinct characteristics.
The most common method of coagulating milk is by the use of an enzyme preparation, rennet, which traditionally was made from the stomachs of veal calves. Since the consumption of calves for veal has not kept pace with the demand for rennet in the preparation of cheese, a distinct shortage of this enzyme has developed. Consequently, a few years ago it became a common practice to mix the rennet extract from calves' stomachs with a pepsin enzyme derived primarily from the stomachs of swine. These enzymes convert the fluid milk into a semi-solid mass as one of the steps in the manufacture of cheese. This mixture of calf rennet and pepsin extract is quite commonly and widely used within the United States.
A more recent development in this area has been the use of enzymes derived from the growth of pure cultures of certain molds. These are termed microbial rennet. They are commonly used for the production of certain types of cheese and contain no animal products. Kraft Domestic Swiss Cheese (any Kraft Swiss not labeled "Imported" from a foreign country) is made with microbial rennet. Apart from Kraft Domestic Swiss Cheese, it is almost impossible for us to assure you that any hard cheese product which you might purchase from Kraft or any other American source is absolutely free of animal-derived enzymes.
The other method of coagulating milk is the result of the growth of pure cultures of bacteria in the milk and the development of lactic acid. These cheeses have distinctly different characteristics from those produced using the coagulating enzymes. Our cream cheese products under the PHILADELPHIA BRAND name (brick, whipped and soft varieties) and Kraft Neufchatel Cheese fall into this category. Kraft does not use coagulating enzymes in cheese of this type, but we cannot be sure what other manufacturers may use.
Our process cheese and process cheese products are made by grinding and blending. With the aid of heat, cheese is made by either one of the two methods of coagulating mentioned above. Therefore, it is impossible for us to assure you that a given American-made process cheese product is free of animal-derived enzymes including pepsin and/or rennet.’
As this letter states, enzymes are now available which are not animal derived called `microbial enzymes.' Information obtained from Walnut Acres Company states that microbial enzymes are `a cultured strain of bacteria that digests protein.' It is neither animal nor vegetable but in a class by itself. Microbial enzymes are the same as those often referred to as vegetable enzymes or `vegetable rennet.' These terms were originally used to clarify that the enzymes were not of animal origin. Technically there is no such thing as `vegetable rennet' since rennet, by definition, comes from animals, and so `vegetable rennet' is a contradiction in terms.
 Due to the widespread use of rennet and other animal enzymes in the production of cheese, we can only assume that for the companies that did not respond, these substances are probably used. This is especially likely to be true for the large commercial cheese companies. Most cheese products should list the ingredients on the label. Some companies will specifically list `rennet' or `rennin' while others might just say `enzymes.' Other terms to look out for include `chymosin' and `rennase.' For those that list `enzymes,' these are most likely animal enzymes. Even some cottage cheese and sour cream products contain rennet. If a company is using microbial enzymes, it will probably state specifically `vegetable enzymes' or `vegetable rennet.' “
Ms. Clinton goes on to list vegetarian cheeses and soy cheese/cheese alternatives which, by the way, are quite extensive lists. She also has a list of the cheeses that have rennet (consider that these are from the companies that responded to her, not that these are all inclusive of every cheese out there).
She also gives wonderful information as to how we can get calcium and vitamin D in our diet without eating cheese and other dairy products. She reminds us that vitamin D is not naturally found in milk, but is added. She also shares some recipes.
All in all, it was quite interesting and certainly an eye opener!
Thank you to Charlene Posten, a friend from the SDA church in Montrose, PA for bringing this article to our attention. God bless!