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Revelation of Hope
Prophecy seminars

Revelation Of Hope Schedule
Friday, Sept 10 Strange man of Mud and Metal
Saturday., Sept 11 Sleepin gThrough the Sirens
Monday, Sept 13 Why So Much Suffering?
Tuesday, Sept 14 Don't Be Fooled
Thursday, Sept 16 Move Your Hand
Friday, Sept 17 It All Adds Up
Saturday Sept 18 Your Day In Court
Monday, Seot 20 Whatever Happened with Rigth & Wrong
Tuesday, Sept 21 Memory Lapse & Monkey Business
Thursday, Sept 23 Mister One-Day-Late
Friday Sept 24 Where Do We Go When We Die?
Saturday, Sept 25 A Thousand Years in Solidarity Confinement
Monday, Sept. 27 How To Prosper In Health
Tuesday, Sept 28 The Mark Of The Beast
Thursday, Sept 30 The Holy Spirit & The Unpardonable Sin
Friday, Oct 1 Final Events
Saturday, Oct. 2 11 am Salvation