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Syracuse Seventh-day Adventist Church
 2511 W Genesee St . Syracuse, NY 13219
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Editor: Maria L. Lopez
  Pastor: Bill Hrovat
August-September 2010       Issue 11

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Syracuse Evangelism 2010

 "Evangelism, the very heart of Christianity, is the theme of primary importance to those called to herald God's last warning to a doomed world. We are in time's closing hours, and the advent message, proclaimed to make ready a people prepared for our Lord's return, must swell to a loud cry reaching the uttermost parts of the earth." 

This quote taken from the preface to the book, Evangelism by Ellen G. White, sums up perfectly both our philosophy and our aim, as the Westvale Church participates in the NY Conference 2010 evangelism thrust for the City of Syracuse. What a privilege is ours to take an active role in the grandest work on earth, the work of soul winning! Nothing will serve to strengthen our faith more than to share it with others. As your pastor let me take a moment to appeal to you to take advantage of a golden opportunity that does not come around very often. This summer, literature evangelists, Bible workers and young adult mission team members have come to our very doorstep to help us be more effective in reaching souls with the gospel here in Syracuse. As I write, these groups are going door-to-door throughout the city, conducting community surveys, signing people up for Bible studies, placing thousands of pieces of truth-filled literature in homes, and performing Christian concerts in city parks. Already, over 60 people have expressed an interest in taking Bible studies! Now for the best part! These same groups are offering hands-on training to any and all Westvale church members who would like to help follow up the interest that is being generated by their work. It was exciting this past Sabbath to see the response of the church as at least 16 members signed cards indicating their interest in receiving this training! But this is just the beginning! I know that there are many other members who can and will get involved! Imagine with me the possibilities as more and more members, rightly trained, carry on the work begun this summer!

Fast on the heels of this summer's work, the Westvale church will be conducting two evangelistic series. One series will be focused on reaching the general community while the other will focus on reaching the Karen refugees now moving into the Syracuse area. There will be plenty of opportu-nity for member involvement in these two series as well, i.e. greeters, ushers, children's meetings volunteers, attendance records personnel, musicians, singers, visitation of interests, etc. Both series will open on Friday, September 10th and continue five nights per week for three weeks. One series will be held in the Westvale church while the other will be held in a location yet to be determined. Along with these two series, there will be additional series held simultaneously in various locations throughout the North Central District. All of these series will conclude in a joint gathering on the weekend of October 1st & 2nd to be held at the Driver's Village Auditorium. The main speaker for this concluding weekend will be Ron Halvorsen. Wonderful things are happening in the NY Conference and here at the Westvale Church! The Church is on the move! The best days of evangelism are not behind us but before us! May God bless us as we join our human efforts with His divine power for a successful work to His name's honor and glory!  
           ~ Pastor Bill Hrovat 
CHIP Corner
By Sally Hafner 
The Health Ministries Committee will be at the New York State Fair this year. We will be in the Science and Industry building. The booth will feature Longevity. We will be giving out 7,000 pieces of literature to the people from all over New York State. Native American Minis-tries is helping us with the literature.
In the fall we will be having the full lifestyle program, the CHIP pro-gram. CHIP stands for Coronary Heart Improvement Project. This lifestyle program will be coming to Westvale in October after the evangelistic meetings. The CHIP program is scientific and factual. It is fun and supportive of people who want to make lifestyle changes . There will be free information sessions about CHIP at vari-ous locations throughout Syracuse in the evenings (6:30-7:30) of Octo-ber 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7. The first heart screen will be Sunday morning Octo-ber 11th,  and the program will start October 14th. It will run Sunday, Monday, and Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30. The last program will be October 18th. The last heart screen will be Sunday, October 21st. Graduation will be Monday evening November 22, 2010.  

Belated congratulations are in order for Sally Hafner who graduated in May with a BS degree in nursing from State University of New York, Upstate Medical University. May Our Lord continue to be with her as she cares for patients and ministers in the CHIP program. 
On the light side…
By Floyd Slocum 

Some time ago, we were suggested by a Catholic priest to wrap green tomatoes in newspaper to ripen… the tomatoes that is.
This works well, but we must warn you about some side effects:
1. If you are a sports buff and wrap them in that sports section, brace yourself - they’ll talk about noth-ing but scores and players like a pro.
2. If you wrap them in the comics, sometimes you can hear them giggling in the middle of the night. When you unwrap them, they’ll be happy and laughing red.
3. Prepare yourself if you wrap them in the headlines- they’ll be an unending commentary. 
We warned you about their side effects, so please don’t be sur-prised at their BLARNEY -- you did wrap them while GREEN!

The Prayer Room Corner

By Marion Lake 

The story is told of a man who traveled to a certain city one cold morning. As he arrived at his hotel, he noticed that the clerks, guests - everyone – was barefooted. As he entered the restaurant, he questioned a middle-aged man, “Why aren’t you wearing shoes? Don’t you know about shoes?”
Of course I know about shoes,” the man replied. 
“Then, why don’t you wear them?” the visitor asked.
“Ah, this is the question,” the man replied. “Why don’t I wear shoes?”
After breakfast, the visitor walked out of the hotel and into the snow. Again every person he saw was barefooted. Curious, he asked a passerby, “Why doesn’t anyone here wear shoes? Don’t you know that they protect the feet from the cold?”
The passerby said, “We know about shoes. See that building? It’s a shoe factory. We are so proud of the plant that we gather there every week to hear the man in charge tell us how wonderful shoes are.”
“Then why don’t you wear shoes?” the visitor persisted.
“Ah that is the question,” the passerby replied. “Why don’t we wear shoes?”
When it comes to prayer, many Christians are like the people in that city. They know about prayer, they believe in its power, they frequently hear sermons on the subject, but it is not a vital part of their lives.
The above is an excerpt from The Prayer Ministries Man-ual.
“Praying always with all prayer and supplication for all the Saints”  Ephesians 6:18
“I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, inter-cession and thanksgiving be made for everyone…” 1Timothy 2:1 


Let’s remember our Homebound sister celebrating  her birthday on September 22nd
        Alberta Smith 
        Northbrook Heights 
        Residential Care Facility
        N. Murray St.
        Auburn, NY 13021 
“. Happy birthday dear Alberta, happy birthday to        you!” 
What’s Happening at Parkview? 
Parkview is a “happening” place, even during the summer. For most of the summer it has been humming with “This Generation” workers who have made the building their temporary home. It is a pleasure to be able to accommodate this wonderful group of young people.
Many of you are aware that we have a new teacher, Mrs. Suzy Gloudeman, coming from Panama City, Florida to teach grades K-2. She has already been in the room and has many great ideas for how to make it an enticing learning environment. We are delighted to have her join our staff. She is superbly qualified and experienced. She comes with three boys, Noah, Elijah, and Levi.  Her husband, Christopher, will likely be staying in Florida for awhile to finish some responsibilities there, but will join us as soon as possible. They visited in our church the last Sabbath of June so perhaps you have already met them.
While students and their families are enjoying the summer, the building is being prepared for their return in the fall. The K-2 classroom is getting a badly needed facelift. The walls are being painted, the carpet removed and new tile installed. There are a variety of other tasks to be completed including some cleaning and weeding. So many of you have done so much to make the school all that it has become, and we are abundantly grateful.  If you would like to continue to be part of the ministry and have some time to volunteer, see or call Kim Kaiser (729-7250).
Our staff spent much of the “post” week preparing to move ahead with our model school plans. These include incorporating project-based learning with a focus on serving our community in tangi-ble ways. Teachers are excited for the possibilities this approach to learning will provide. We are also working to upgrade our technology resources. Part of the plan to do this includes collecting inkjet cartridges which we can return for credit toward mini-laptops at Staples. If you have these and are willing to donate them, please leave them in the secretary’s office or give them to Kim.
Thanks to the efforts of so many of you in cooperation with Larry Hayes, we anticipate adding 5-8 students who otherwise might not have been able to attend the school. We expect our enroll-ment to be at 54 or more with the K-2 classroom full and others nearly so.  As always, we are keenly aware that this school would not be what it is and, indeed, would not even be possible without your commitment to its success. Your prayers and finances greatly encourage the teachers who minister at Parkview. 
 ~ Submitted by Kim Kaiser 
Why Minister to Public Campuses 
Since 1970, in my estimation, more than a quarter million Seventh-day Adventists between the ages of 17 and 25 have left the church through one huge, dark cavern. That cavern is public (non Seventh-day Adventist) colleges and universities. Is this why one head elder (not from this conference) “was known for telling high-schoolers if they weren't going to an Ad-ventist college, there was no reason to bother going to college at all.” Or, is this attitude responsible for driving away from the church those students who decided for good reason to attend public colleges?
Our schools are great! I encourage Adventist students to attend those institutions of higher learning sponsored by the church.  At the same time, I know that there are good reasons why some young Adventists choose to study elsewhere. It is obvious that harsh attitudes haven’t prevented students from going to public schools, so what do we do?
My suggestion is that we pay attention to lessons from Moses, and Daniel. Both were trained to know, love, and serve God in their homes. Both later received the most elite secular educa-tion available anywhere at that time. Both became mighty men, leading nations. I can’t say exactly what they learned in their schools. I can say that God undoubtedly used some of that train-ing for His own purposes.
Young men and women will continue to attend public schools.  What we as a church must do is to provide ministry to and through these students to cement them to God and to God’s church. Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) is the ministry arm of the North American Division that is working to accomplish that. In Syracuse, this ministry is strong and grow-ing because of the commitment of students and local church members. There is always more to do. 
If you have time to be involved in this powerful ministry to valuable souls, contact Kofi Appiah Okyere at (315) 383-5245. 
Submitted by 
Pastor Gary Wagner, D. Min.
ACF Coordinator, 
NY Conference
For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God: and all these things shall be added unto you. Fear not little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” 
Luke 12: 30-32
In the next issue of Westvale Newsletter: 

Last August we printed a story by Andrew Whitlow. Andrew attended Parkview Jr. Academy and Union Springs Academy. He is currently a student at Southern Adventist College in Collegedale Tennessee.
Andrew was heading out to Pucallpa, Peru on a nine month stint as a student missionary with Touch of Love Ministries. In  August 2009  he noted that there were great needs in Pucallpa. “Jungle villagers lack education and resources for proper health & hygiene. It is the goal of the mission to improve the health status of the people there and to teach them how to live healthy lives while sharing Jesus.”
In our next issue we will be sharing some of Andrew’s ex-periences in the mission field. 
Westvale Scrapbook

Adventist Westvale Baptism
Jeff  Hobin was baptized by Jeremy Garlock on the last Sabbath of camp meeting. Welcome to the family Jeff!

Adventist Westvale Dedication
Jennifer, Joselyn (born 2/25/10), and Darrin Baker. July 10th was a high Sabbath for the Baker family as Darrin was baptized and Joselyn was dedi-cated to the Lord. A warm welcome to our most recent Westvale member!

Adventist Westvale Haiti    Adventist Westvale Haiti

Adventist Westvale Haiti
Pictured are some of the Westvale volunteers  who participated in the Salvation Army Food for Haiti project on May 1st.

Adventist Westvale Music

Adventist Westvale Music
“This Generation” in concert.

Adventist Westvale choir
The Westvale Choir singing during the  1st Sabbath of Camp meeting.