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Syracuse Seventh-day Adventist Church
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Editor: Maria L. Lopez
  Pastor: Bill Hrovat
June/July 2010       Issue 10
Stones or Gardens

By Larry Berg

I was an island in the tide of life, At my heart a mountain of stone,
Standing strong against the abiding strife,
Standing strong, but standing alone.

Around my heart of stone were banks of sand,
Nibbled by the tide every day,
I must act; I must fight to save my land,
And use stones to stop the tide's play.

Oh, but alas, enough stones there were not,
Not to keep the water at bay,
Not enough stones by really quite a lot,
Perhaps, there was another way.

Besides, I thought, that would empty my heart,
Leaving it exposed to attack,
Indeed that would not have been very smart,
My prognosis faded to black.

Along came a Man with holes in His hands,
He wept when He found me alone,
He said "My child, what's become of your lands?
Here, I'll show what to do with stones."

Well my friend, what we built is this bridge here,
From my own heart to yonder shore,
Then this garden sprang up, I'll make this clear,
Because my heart holds stones no more.

We have built many bridges since back then,
I always, always need His help.
And He's always right here in the garden,
He has become the best part of myself.

And we never run out of stones for bridges.

The tide still nibbles sand, but that's okay,
Garden roots are deep, so hearken,
Now wouldn't it be something if some day,
If some day I was nothing but garden!

Sunflower Field
Springs of Living Water

The first North Country Women's Retreat on May 14-16 at Camp Cherokee was a dream and a prayer come true. Susan Windover and Wendy Stumph, both from the Plattsburg church, had ex-
pressed their dream of having a women's retreat at Cherokee to Camp Director Dan Whitlow. The challenge was when to fit it into an already pretty full camp schedule and how to get the camp ready for a retreat before Memorial Day weekend. Lots of prayers and a lot of hard work made it possible for over 50 sisters in Christ to gather at Cherokee. Susan, Wendy, and a group of volunteers who love the Lord (and the camp) put in many hours of hard work.
A special Thank You goes out to them for blessing our hearts! It was a true labor of love. Who would have thought that the camp would be ready for a retreat so early in the season? Many came from different parts of the conference, including a group from Ny- ack, NY.
Springs of Living Water was the theme developed in the presentations by the guest speaker Charlotte Thoms, the Atlantic Union
Women's Ministries and Disabilities Leader. Through her sense of humor and knowledge of the scriptures, she shared many experiences of God's leading and deliverance in her life. She encouraged us to put our faith and trust in our almighty Lord and Savior, Jesus. He will enable us to dip into His Springs of Living Water and into the well of His love and strength. If He be for us, who can be against us? Saturday night's testimony time was powerful, and the Lord was truly glorified. Lots of prayer opportunities throughout the retreat strengthened our faith and hearts and made us long all the more for Jesus to come. We want to be with Him and enjoy His wonderful presence. Plans are already under way for the 2nd annual North Country Women's Retreat. A tentative date in early Jun 2011 has been scheduled. Ladies, don't miss out on the blessings next year. Start planning now and bring some friends along. Looking forward to
seeing you there.
~Submitted by Carmen Gonzalez
New York conference
Camp Meeting 2010
June 11-19
Union Springs Academy

This year's theme is:


Spring Graduates
Westvale Seventh-day Adventist Church
Our church family congratulates the following individuals
who have recently completed an academic program. We
wish you the Lord's blessing as you pursue a new area of
endeavor, or continue on in your chosen field.

Andrews University
Elder Stan Rouse - Ph.D. - Leadership

Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Danielle Hafner-Johnson - Doctor of Medicine

Syracuse University School of Law
Joseph Yoo - Juris Doctor

State University of New York - IT - Utica
Mary Lee Berg - MS - Nursing Education

Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications
Michelle Bernard - MA - Journalism

Southern Adventist University
Jonathan Rodriguez - BS - Outdoor Education/Ministry

State University of New York — Oswego
Thad Striffler - BS -Technical Education

Florida Hospital Health Science Center
Rachel Goettsch - Cardiac/Vascular Ultrasound Degree

Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage
Lynee Hamm - Licensed Massage Therapist Diploma 
Faith Heritage School
Rachelle Randall

Union Springs Academy
Brianna Clark
Joshua Rodriguez Anthony Whitlow

Huntington School / Syracuse City School District
Eighth Grade
Jacob Miller

Parkview Junior Academy

Eighth Grade
Katharina Burghardt
Ashley Halbritter
Kyaw Shwe Aye

Madeline (Riley) Halbritter-Eels
Olivia Hrovat Korena Miller
Nyasha Mutanga
Sifa Odilia
Cierra Trombley

~Submitted by Mrs. Joyce Cady 

Christine Largo, Pastor Bill Largo, and Rachel Goettsch

On April 18th, 2010, Christine and Rachel both graduated from Florida Hospital Health Science Center in Orlando, Florida. Christine (wife of previous Westvale Pastor Bill
Largo) graduated from the Nurse Anesthetist program, and Rachel (daughter of Marty and Carrie Goettsch) graduated with a degree in Cardiac and Vascular Ultrasound. Bill is a Pastor in the Orlando area.
Both Christine and Rachel were offered great new jobs in
the Orlando area prior to graduating!
~Submitted by Carrie Goettsch

On Sabbath, May 22nd, the Adventurer Club presented the
church service. They did a great job from telling the chil- dren's story, collecting the offering and doing special mu-
sic with the kindergarten class. Jeremy Garlock had the sermon, and told how the Adventurer club is a adventur- ous journey with Christ in Christian service. During the sermon he had each group of the Adventurers come up
front and do a little presentation on their journey. This is
the last year for Jeremy and his wife Joya to be the leaders
of the Adventurers, and we want to thank them for the
terrific job they have done working with these young peo- ple.
~ Joan Payne


Let's remember our Homebound brothers and sisters celebrating birthdays soon

Cristina Lopez
Richard English

Happy Father's Day!
You're a son, a brother (Jesus is your brother),
an uncle or like one to some child.
You're a husband, the spiritual leader in your home,
you're a daddy, you are God's son.
You wear many hats, and someone looks up to you
for guidance and support.
We take our hats off to you and wish you a relaxed
and happy day filled with God's blessings.
Chip Corner
By Sally Hafner

We have had two wonderful Good Health seminars on May 17 and May 24. The food was delicious according to the guests. We had home made vege- burgers and oven fries with whole  wheat rolls. Louise Hafner's lentil stew was enjoyed over brown rice. We studied the benefits of sunshine. Sunshine changes cholesterol to vitamin D under the skin. The video with Dr. David Delrose was entertaining. Dr. Delrose showed how to main tain healthy habits. The second week we discussed the benefits of
proper rest and breathing fresh air. We enjoyed Marion Lake's vegetable stir-fry and her fresh berry pie. We are looking forward to the fall when we will have a booth at the New York State Fair and then a full CHIP program in October/November. Please continue to pray that God will be revealed through this ministry.
~ Photo: Joan Payne
On May 16th, church business and school constituency meetings were held at Parkview Junior Academy. Before the meet- ings, the students from Parkview served a delicious spaghetti supper. This was followed by the students singing a song. At the business meeting, the financial budget for the church, for next year was reviewed and passed. Plans for the evangelistic meetings this fall were also reviewed. Following the church business meeting, Kim Kaiser, Principal of Parkview, talked about the goals of PJA and presented a wish list for the school. During this meeting, Fred Burghardt presented revisions to the school constitution, which were approved. Church treasurer, Larry Hayes talked about the "no child left out" campaign in which people are given empty cans to put money in. This money is used to help students attend PJA so that every child who wants to attend will not be left out. Following this meeting, everyone went outside and saw a demonstration of baton twirling by the students which was a very good performance. 
          ~ Story and photos by Joan Payne

The Blay Paw, a 5th grader at PJA, serving dessert

Baton twirling demonstration

The Rose of Calvary
Easter Cantata 4/3/10

The Westvale Choir, under the direction of Fred Burghardt, brought the Easter message to the congregation in songs by Joseph M. Martin. Many young people participated as well to help bring the powerful and victorious message of redemp- tion. "I love the Rose of Calvary, God's gift of grace. In love He clings to sorrow's tree, and softly weeps at its embrace, I love the Rose of Calvary, His petals crushed by hate and scorn, still His fragrance fills the night and, for our sin, He bears the thorn. Calvary's rose, Calvary's rose, in His life God's mercy flows. By His death our garden grows..." (from Joseph M. Martin)

Pathfinder Investiture Sabbath, April 10th
Congratulations to all who were invested and to those receiving special recognition and awards!