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The Cleansing

Pastor Cho’s letter

If you allow me, I have a complaint. It’s such a hassle to wash clothes. On a semi-regular basis, I go to the local laundromat to wash the bulky and heavy items. In order for this to happen, I measure the appropriate amount of detergent in a Ziploc bag, lug the items to the laundromat – did I mention that they’re heavy?; feed a LOT of coins into the machine, pour in the detergent, select the desired wash cycle, fire it up, and wait. That’s only half of the work – then I have to dry them. It’s a hassle alright, but all unclean things must be made clean.  Now, let’s go back 2000 years to Palestine. Imagine a place with no electricity, no running water, and no washing machines. Life was simple, but physically demanding. Doing laundry, for example, was hard work. Can you imagine carrying it down to the river and washing the clothes by hand? Try doing that every day. I shouldn’t complain. But unclean things must be made clean.   Human beings are unclean.“No one is righteous,” and all are “desperately wicked.” As we meditate on Passion Week, we remember the work of Jesus in His last week of life in Jerusalem. It’s a sobering week because it focuses on the cost of cleansing, and benefits earned. You have to understand the astronomical cost. It’s impossible for the human mind to fathom how much Jesus has done to save us. The $640 mega-million lottery jackpot is just a drop in the ocean compared to the price Jesus paid. Consider what it meant for our God to die; to DIE!  This is unimaginable and most incredible.   Go back with me in your mind’s eye to that beautiful day when we see the angel of the Lord on Sunday morning in front of the tomb. The Roman guards flee. The angel rolls away the stone. He calls out, “Jesus, Son of God, Your Father calls You.”

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